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  GARDEN-HOUSE is a business of long-term experience, providing carpenter's, redecoration and building trade. Our products are not machine - made, on the contrary, we make everything by hand.
We attach importance to top -high quality of our products, as well as we try to bring out the natural beauty of wood.

Mainly we build garden sheds with thatched roofs and slate barbecue and smoke-place inside them.
Also walls are covered in slate, as to floor, it depends on clients' request.

Every design is different and gives us great satisfaction and motivation to create something unique and outstanding fit to clients dreams. Our garden sheds give a lot of joy to whole family and can last for generations.

Show us the place where you want your garden shed and we will reveal our ideas for a perfect design. Have you got your own idea? Tell us and we surely and eagerly try to make it happen.
We are reliable, we do a good piece of work and we are proud of our garden sheds.

We truly' Make Your Dreams Come True'.

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