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Natural Slate

  Slate is nature pure. Therefore the term natural slate is also used often. We owe the genesis of natural slate to natural processes over millions of years. For centuries slate has been exploited in an environmentally friendly way and processed without any additives. Over all the centuries natural slate has proved itself on roofs and façades. Generations of architects and roofers created with slate architectural styles, works of art, tradition and culture.

  Natural slate is timeless and therefore always modern. Many different roofing styles make slate something very special at the roof and façade.

  Slate consists of natural, ecologically completely unproblematic substances of content. Therefore slate is superior to many building materials that first of all have to be produced out of different mineral components by joining them. The production of slate for roof and façade requires only one processing (i.e. formatting) with low energy expenditure, i.e. neither a binder (such as cement) nor a treatment in a kiln.

  Occupants of houses with a slate roof or a slate façade live particularly healthily with this natural building material. In addition, their roof and façade do not require any special maintenance. Quality slate is considered one of the most durable roofing products of all and therefore it has a long life span. After the service life there are no disposal problems like the ones with some industrial products. Slate split and slate powder can even be used as a soil improvement, for aggregates and other products of high quality. Thus for slate the result is an ecological balance that does not have to shy away from any comparison.

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